Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring's back. Can you tell?

A leisurely walk downhill to the water and the ferry terminal might not be a trek but it can be scenic – and hopeful of a time when the temperatures might creep up to pleasant, like July.

As long as Victoria's Montana clematis made it through a rough winter it'll be a good sign for the rest of the garden.

And it won't be long before Frisbee training can resume in full.

"Spring - An experience in immortality"

Okay. So the sun finally came out this week...but it happens to be the first day of spring in Bellingham. That’s kind of cool.

Fairhaven, the south side of town, was packed with sunworshippers, but notice the attire.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What a week…or two!

Two anti-war conferences, a local VFP-111 ( Chapter-hosted event…and I finished our taxes. As you can see from Casey’s demeanor, he’s pooped too.

Casey spent his first night in a pet-friendly motel in Kirkland, Washington and did great. There was no way we could ask anyone to baby-sit our little guy, with his “issues” and everything, so he came to the NW Regional Veterans for Peace conference with us last weekend. But the really big hurdle he overcame was day camp. Vic and I bit the bullet and let him stay in the Hyline Hotel training facility in for a day last week. We thought he needed it – us too.

We knew we’d miss him – and we did – but now he knows that he’ll never be abandoned again…and we now know we’ll be able to get up and go somewhere if we need to. They really do love him out there though - his trainers (Kathi and Brianne) and groomer (Melissa) have seen over his progress/comeback since week one and watched him like hawks. Great place. Check it out