Friday, June 26, 2015


Waiting at Happy Pooch
What a week! But the dust has finally settled after an unsettling encounter with a tumor discovered while being groomed by Melissa at Happy Pooch Styling and Spa three weeks ago. Long story short, Melissa was concerned about a subcutaneous lump in his groin that we might never have never noticed, that is until she gave him his summer haircut and found it. On her advise we took him to Fairhaven Veterinary Clinic that very same afternoon, and surgery to remove a suspicious tumor was successfully performed this week.

Well, the patient has been on the mend and is doing well. The mass was atypical and removing it was a good move. And the lab report for the tissue...benign. 

Not much sleep this week, needless to say, but we'll be back to normal soon. Casey is still adjusting to his new accessory, a post-op collar to keep him from exploring the incision. But now, following doctor Kris Johnson's orders to keep him fairly inactive for two weeks - no running, Frisbee, and on a leash - is the real challenge.

Rufus dilemma

Our resident rufus hummingbirds have been presented with a dilemma this week. The vibrant lucifers are bursting out almost within a beak's length from the liquid feeders. They love their one-to-one water/sugar troughs but the enticing flame-red blooms of the crocosmias have been irresistible.   

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Doubling our honey crisp apple crop in one year!

Honey crisp apple #1

Honey crisp apple #2
Incredible. In just one year Victoria doubled her organic apple crop! 
The sky's obviously the limit in 2016.

And it looks like Casey couldn't be happier.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Making the rounds at the Farmers Market

The Saturday routine in the summer includes a scouting trip to the Bellingham Farmers Market, checking out everything from local artisans to in-season produce.

Unfortunately, the kid always has to be satisfied with a walk around the perimeter for his people watching. Casey's all right with that even though we still think Border Collies ought to be exceptions to the rule. 
But the crowd inside today was way more hustle and bustle than laid back and by the time we were done with the fringes, the shady backseat of the car was looking pretty good to Case.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Still laying low

When Casey obsesses near a shrub or bush this week he's got his eyes on the last surviving robin chick, maturing on the run with the help of her parents, who ward off crows, jays, and even give Casey an earful if he gets too close.

The chick has been showing up down low in the ground cover and higher up in hydrangeas. With survival skills clicking he's been showing up each morning in spite of the odds. 

So far so good. Our cute little guy, with a few breaks, just might make it through this week. Stranger things have happened.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Taking flight/flutter

Survivor 1
Exactly 13 days after they hatched two chicks were left standing, or falling/fluttering from the nest. All that remained were pieces of two hatchlings, evidently done in during the night by whatever critter does that sort of thing, before the parents could chase them off. It's a tough world out there.So for now, according to the county Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, our chicks will be hanging around the backyard until they take flight for good.  

Survivor 2
In the meantime we get our deck back. Of course when we venture out on the grass the new parents will be keeping close eyes on us, and of course Casey. He was actually nose to beak with the first chick to exit the nest, in a Border Collie crouch, just trying to help. 

So we can add robin fledglings to the kid's list of "herdees," which also includes Stella and an occasional chipmunk.

Papa robin keeping a watchful eye

Monday, June 8, 2015

Quick checkup

Hanging around a veterinary clinic waiting room, not one of Casey's favorite preoccupations. In fact we usually wait in the car until the last minute before bringing him inside. He's definitely not a tugger or pacer, but he can't just sit around, usually jumping up a seat next to ours - or higher - to pass the time. 

And today, why would he stop there?

I'm fine right here, thanks.
 The window ledge was obviously the reassurance he needed.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

So much for morning on the deck

With temperatures starting to inch up, eventually hitting nearly 80° today, the kids have obviously had enough of coffee on the deck. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Beyond cute, really

Just over a week now and our porch chicks are no less demanding, and now showing signs of progressing through that "so-ugly-they're cute" stage. In the meantime their beleaguered parents have been fending off crows and delivering worms every waking hour. That empty-nest syndrome has got to be looking good about now.

Monday, June 1, 2015