Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let's see how this goes

This site will truly be a work in progress.

The name Casey's Worlds refers mainly to my wife and my network of friends and experiences in Bellingham, Washington - the "City of Subdued Excitement".

We've found since retiring that Casey our 13-month-old rescued Border Collie has become a focal point and dictates much of what we do, or try to do, on a daily basis. Of course I'm not telling Border Collie owners anything new.

We do have a full life immersed in the goings-on of this beautiful part of the Northwest US but...well, it'll become apparent how this little guy has captured our hearts and, by default, sets daily agendas.


  1. what a stupid tee doe blog....who made this.....your grandmother???

    Just kidding babe I love it......tonight stuffed peppers! Oh I can smell the pictures now!

  2. I will eagerly await more posts. Casey is so pretty.


  3. Callie and I are also eagerly waiting to see how this develops.

    Good luck!