Monday, June 29, 2009

Our three favorite words - Summer in Bellingham

We knew if we hung around long enough summer would get here.

Vic's garden is looking great - fox gloves, lilacs, fuchsias, herbs, vegetables, name it.
The Frisbee training has really paid off too.

First sunny Saturday in a long while. 72 degrees, a little breezy by the water, but who's complaining.

Sunday even better, no haze, a little warmer - official soft-serve ice cream weather. No real rain until October - and do not let the word get out.


  1. Hey,nice video Casey and Dad!!!

  2. Summer fun! Callie wants to play on the beach...

  3. Marsh - Nice summer gotta come up.

    Walt - She'd love it here and Casey would be smitten!