Friday, March 23, 2012

Guerilla pose on the bay

It seems like every one had the same idea today - a walk on the bay via Taylor Dock. Warmer and sunnier, this was a precursor to the balmy climes we hang around for every year.
And it looks like one of Fairhaven's new landmarksPose on the Bay...Standing Bow...Yoga Puller, you name it, is all set for its first spring and summer. A local artist cut a lot of red tape last October - opting for forgiveness rather than getting permission - and affixed his work to its new pedestal, a 14-foot high vestige of the Bellingham's canning industry. 
Standing bow pulling on on the Bay
Our famous mound of rusting tin scraps from the Pacific American Fisheries era has been gawked at all by itself for over 80 years, and now, it's an integral part of an exhibit. How about that for a step up. 

Vic and Casey waiting on the photographer

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