Friday, August 3, 2012

An afternoon at the squirt park

It looks like summer finally got here - along with the good and the wet of it. As most of us know, Border Collies are just not that crazy about water. So where do we go with the grandkids, Fairhaven Park and its water park - better known as "squirt park" to the kids.

Back in the day, this recreational feature was a huge, ankle-deep wading pool for kiddies, and believe me, there was absolutely no danger of hypothermia with this age-group.

Casey's fragile tolerance for crowds was put to an acid test with preschoolers doting on him from all directions, all afternoon. He usually pours on the charm for one or two mom's and their toddlers, but today they were everywhere and he still did just fine.

And what a good kid. As usual he passed with flying colors, and just a few feet from sopping wet.

Victoria and Casey catching UVs

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