Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend guests

Friends from eastern Washington's Wenatchee Valley ended up spending the weekend with us to escape hazardous air due to thick smoke from wild fires, burning out of control now for weeks.

Visits from Peggy and Gerry certainly aren't new, but this time Casey and Stella shared their home sweet home with our guests' 4-year-old Irish Setter, Devon, and 1 1/2-year old Cairn Terrier, Lizabeth. While Stella coped the only way she knew how, taking refuge under our bed for two days. Casey on the other hand spent the whole time just trying to fit in.

Peggy on Whatcom Falls trail with the pack
Luckily there was no dominance issues, with Casey seemingly in awe all weekend with each dog's constant state of overdrive, until our friends drove out of sight.

And Stella, well, she knows all about staying out of sight for as long as it takes. 

Just how exhausting can it be anyway, trying to fit in or hunker down all weekend? Maybe the rehab going on above will give you an idea.


  1. I have so enjoyed reading your posts and seeing all the wonderful pictures of Casey! Such a full life!! I apologize for not commenting, just haven't taken the time! This post brought back such good memories of my very first dog that was "just mine"! Chipper was an Irish Setter cross. He looked just like an Irish Setter, but had a bigger body. We spent hours roaming the ranch and it brought good tears to my eyes! They are such wonderful dogs!! I now just have Border Collies, which are totally amazing!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Aren't they the greatest? If you ever run across a setter/BC mix - the best of both worlds, social skills and smarts.