Friday, July 19, 2013

Essence of Molly

Rebounding every summer at about this time in the front yard is a cluster of perennials with a bittersweet history. Clinging to life six or seven years ago in the front yard flowerbed, right about where Casey is sniffing today, was one solitary Gooseneck Loosestrife spike. By the end of the day it would be draped over the sidewalk barely holding its own.

Our first Border collie, Molly, nearly 12-years-old and riddled with rheumatoid arthritis way before her time, would approach this sad little Gooseneck, and rather than step over it or even veer left or right, she would do a little respectful stutter-step and hop over the wilting summer flower. Over time, and plenty of off-spring later, the crop of white flowers that now line the sidewalk are called Molly plants in our girl’s honor. And they seem to thrive.

Their significance and sentimental value seem to be lost on Casey. But you never know.


  1. What a beautiful plant that is - I wasn't familiar with it. Lovely story regarding Molly too. That last shot of Casey is classic!

  2. From what we've been told it's a groundcover that can easily get out of control though. And Molly, she was an alpha agenda setter, congenital arthritis and all, until the week she passed at nearly 13. We were devastated when she died of colon cancer, of all things. Still miss her. Hope you guys are doing OK.