Sunday, September 21, 2014

Steller wake-up calls

Careful what you start. A cast of Steller's Jays have been raising a ruckus every day in our backyard, shortly after sunup, ever since we started setting out a handful of peanuts in the morning and early evening. And if you think REM sleep is even remotely possible once these black-capped, pushy characters start scolding us if we're late with their rations, think again. Jay squawks are unmistakable, and right on schedule.

They're still favorites of ours but it does seem they're getting a little demanding. Casey loves to wait them out though, practically daring them to leave their fence top vantage points, which they do in seconds in synchronized swoops. Just put your camera down or turn your head, and you'll barely get to snap a photo.  

These jay aerobatics are almost anticlimactic, but Casey enjoys their antics, and they don't mind his ringside seat at all.

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