Saturday, May 9, 2015

Turning on the charm, or playing the sympathy card

Anacortes Ferry Terminal with Mt Baker in background

So what's the first thing drivers do before boarding a ferry for San Juan Island - check in with an aloof, no-nonsense Washington State Ferry ticket seller. And today was no different, except that Casey was working this WSF lady employee for a treat while we were busy paying our fare. Of course, what's new...just another kiosk with a potential doggie handout.

Except this time our lady was so moved by Casey working her for a treat, that she closed down long enough to run to her car - holding up the ticket line - to bring back a bag of goodies.

Who could blame her? Just look at that Border Collie stare finesse.

Very impressive, Casey. But don't expect it with the next shift. A cat person just might be on duty.

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