Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Taking flight/flutter

Survivor 1
Exactly 13 days after they hatched two chicks were left standing, or falling/fluttering from the nest. All that remained were pieces of two hatchlings, evidently done in during the night by whatever critter does that sort of thing, before the parents could chase them off. It's a tough world out there.So for now, according to the county Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, our chicks will be hanging around the backyard until they take flight for good.  

Survivor 2
In the meantime we get our deck back. Of course when we venture out on the grass the new parents will be keeping close eyes on us, and of course Casey. He was actually nose to beak with the first chick to exit the nest, in a Border Collie crouch, just trying to help. 

So we can add robin fledglings to the kid's list of "herdees," which also includes Stella and an occasional chipmunk.

Papa robin keeping a watchful eye

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