Saturday, May 20, 2017

The next chapter in our life was about to begin so it was crucial that Casey's introduction to the leader of our pack Victoria went without a hitch.  The plan: Vic would arrive at home shortly after I got our boy settled.  Treats on the front porch for the meet-and-greet. CharlIe Bears are usually a sure thing.

"Mom" passed through the house and approached a bewildered Casey at the backdoor threshold with an outstretched hand.  A soothing, irresistible, almost lyrical "Hi, little guy" prefaced her Charlie Bear bribe as Casey cautiously went for the offering.

Finger tips to pink and black nose, practically face to muzzle.  Just as we'd planned...until Vic and I heard the snap of static electricity, generated from her glide across the living room carpet.  This best laid plan resulted in our new kid frantically looking for a way out of the backyard. From berm to berm, bush to bush, Casey was probably wondering what he had gotten into.  And just what kind of people were we anyway?

In spite of this inauspicious start, after several anxious moments, careful, very careful, coaxing - I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, little boy - resulted in a group hug on the end of the deck. The first of thousands.  We were a pack.

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