Monday, August 22, 2011

Coastal outlook

The San Juan island rain shadow didn’t come close to working for us today. We woke up to steady rain and it didn’t diminish to occasional rain showers until late afternoon.


But the locals had really needed the wet – it had been awhile – and the blustery weather near Lime Kiln Park made for some great shots. Surprisingly we didn't catch a glimpse of whales, or anything close, this time around. It's not uncommon at these viewpoints to spot pods of local orcas or at least Dall's Porpoises feeding en mass, thrilling throngs of visitors. 

After moving a quarter of a mile south along the coastal path to Dead Man’s Bay, with Casey occasionally pausing to examine one sheer drop after another, we hung it up for the day and headed back to Friday Harbor.

Just so much see and so little time. Back to the mainland tomorrow, but always planning for the next ferry ride west…maybe early fall, maybe sooner.   

1 comment:

  1. They look beautiful even in the rain. And I think it's a bit like here in that you need the rain to keep them looking at their best. Safe trip home.