Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rough day

Our guy’s sure had better days. Yesterday afternoon in the middle of one of his Frisbee grabs, one that he probably shouldn’t have caught, Casey did the unthinkable. Somehow, on something, he snagged a dew claw – and let us know about it in no uncertain terms. We thought he broke a leg.

This morning Casey went under the knife to repair a split nail at Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital. Poor little guy. Now we just gotta hope he doesn’t blame it on the Frisbee. He’s got so much game.

A little less loopy after his power nap and on the mend.


  1. Poor Casey, that's no fun at all! Hope the recovery continues to go well. Extra treats all round.

  2. Ouch!!! Kisses to my friend..