Tuesday, June 19, 2012


All I said was "You wanna Frisbee?" That's all it usually takes and you're committed. But for some reason last week, after thousands of tosses and catches, Casey decided he was going to retire from flying disc competition. In the middle of a workout that was his idea in the first place, Casey walked off the field, couldn't have cared less. Early retirement.

Since then, after our initial confoundment had worn off, we'd been preoccupied, looking for reasons that a Frisbee fanatic suddenly loses interest. No amount of reverse psychology or coaxing could crack this Border Collie code. We just decided to let him work it out - and it finally paid off yesterday. So this morning, there it was again, that trademark inquisitive cocked head. He's back, baby.

Now, just be careful what you bring up in casual conversation.   

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