Sunday, June 17, 2012

Welcome home, Red

Had to share this. We've always been big fans of author Jon Katz and the dogs and animals of Bedlam Farm. In this video we're given a look at Jon's new dog, Red, who should be coming to live at Bedlam Farm today. Victoria and I have shared our lives with two incredible Border Collies, Molly and now Casey. Best friend Marsha's lovable Bordies, Megan and Katie, were the hooks for our infatuation with the breed, but these no less incredible family members, including Casey, were townies - adaptible, sensitive, intelligent - and lucky to have found us, when you think of it. 

Back in the day Molly actually did some herding but could be more accurately classified as a sheep grenade, absolutely no finesse; and Casey, much too beta, and with no desire to be a superstar, probably wasn't working out as a herder, somewhere. As it turned out we lucked out in both instances.

When enthusiasts get a chance to see a combo of pure DNA, potential and training, it's kinetic poetry. Check it out.  

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