Friday, December 7, 2012

Birthday wish and side-trip

7-months-old back on the farm

Can it really be five years since our guy arrived on the scene, just brimming with potential, as anyone can plainly see from this photo? Just look at that face.

Ignored for the most part, scrawny, and half-starved, we found Casey in 2008 in dire need of a happy home - the rest is history.
Lucky for us.
And today is our boy's birthday. The big number 5!
So naturally he got to drag us down to his favorite place, Fairhaven's Paws Awhile.

Just so he could do a face plant in our Humane Society consignment shop's treat bowl kept by the door. But first, a civilized sit-and-shake, thank you very much, for the volunteers.
He's so talented, and can he ever turn on the charm when he has to. 

Aw, that's a good boy.
Happy birthday, Case. Live it up.

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