Monday, December 17, 2012

Puff the magic mallow

Vic outdid herself today! Completely homemade marshmallows worth posting on any blog, a Border Collie’s World or not.

I know. Not that many people get worked up over marshmallows. And who knew that making them at home was even an option. I've always pictured a huge Kraft conveyor belt with thousands of air-puffed, dried-up meringue confections, ready to be scooped into plastic bags destined for landfills, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

But Vic's holiday  hot chocolate accoutrements from an Alton Brown recipe are very eco-friendly and totally tasty, and much too scrumptious to toast over a fire or even waste on s’mores.  
Actually drinking the hot chocolate is going to be now just an excuse to down an extra mallow, while the grandkids aren’t paying attention.

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