Saturday, March 16, 2013


A week in County Clare, Ireland is not near enough time to acclimate to Greenwich Mean Time while taking care of business and pleasure, before returning to Washington State and readjusting to Pacific Daylight Time. At least that’s my excuse for missing nine posts, or at least my official story, and I’m sticking to it.

While visiting the Emerald Isle the first time almost fifteen years ago I was struck by not only its incredible beauty and charming inhabitants, but also the fact that Border collies were practically omnipresent. I counted over fifty in both rural and urban settings during a three-week stay. 

This time around, on my last day in Galway, I found two – one on a farm near Ennis, and George, obviously a distant relative of Casey's…near Shop Street.

As anyone can see, George wasn’t about to be going anywhere until his charges stopped browsing and headed home.

A side note: George ignored any distraction from the visiting Yanks, and when the objects of his affection and attention did come out, he gave us a high-five, as instructed. Gotta try that with Casey.

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