Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rasa girl

Our cul de sac lost Rasa, Casey’s girlfriend, a beautiful, aging golden shepherd, to failing health around Christmastime. Last week we checked the mail daily for Rasa’s vacationing “parents” and dropped it off at their house across the street. And all I would have to do each day is reach for our neighbor’s front door keys and Casey would immediately made a beeline for Rasa’s front yard, as if we were visiting or letting her outside, our ritual for years.

After letting ourselves in, and certain that he would get to socialize with his girl like in the old days, the kid would make his indoor rounds. The eventual idea was to try to get a napping Rasa’s attention by barking in the hallway and peering into her bedroom. Can’t help but wonder when and how it will hit him that Rasa’s actually gone, and why she never responded. He might not want to give her up just yet. And maybe it won’t be for a while. What’s the rush?

I know we’ll miss it when Casey’s faux search ends, if that’s what it is, and in his own way gives in to star shine, as if Rasa’s essence has finally drifted away. 

Then we’ll all grieve a little more, one more time.

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  1. Poor Casey... dogs are so loyal. We could learn such a lot from them.