Sunday, April 14, 2013

Play therapy

A social call on the newest member of the family, Marley, a 5-year-old female husky-mix adopted by son Joe, resulted in some unavoidable, impromptu play therapy for Casey.

Now our guy would rather not rough-house or play with any canine, growing up on the receiving end of more than his share of bullying as low-man in the pecking order of six siblings. He learned to cope by mastering the fine art of submission, just to survive, before we found our thoroughly beta love-junkie.

So exposing Casey to playtime has been a touchy proposition, until Marley came along. And he seems to be adjusting nicely to his playful cousin. Today he even got a taste of the dominant position, if only for a moment, something we never thought we’d see. And who cares if Marley was faking it - which did cross our minds. 

This just might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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