Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Knocking a few back at the perch

This spring one of the most enchanting views in the neighborhood, rain or shine, can be enjoyed from a kitchen window, in fact the window sill just over the sink. For weeks now, a handful of hummingbirds have been hanging around this simple feeder imbibing on a half solution of water and sugar. 

Imagine, after years of experimenting with colors and ingredients, this “complicated” concoction is all it would have taken. Amazing.

This little girl happens to be the bravest. The more colorful guys are more jumpy, cautious.

They’re sloppy slurpers too. Check out the pane.

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  1. Great shots - I know how difficult they are to capture. When we lived in CA, I recall that Clive also used the sugar water mix to great success. I was always surprised at how mean and territorial they were towards each other.