Saturday, June 15, 2013

Waning hours

A week before the summer solstice and we can stand on the south side at quarter to ten and actually watch the sunset. Imagine, sixteen-hour days and never enough time, even now. Delaying an afternoon stroll won’t be an option much longer.

In fact well-timed procrastination is the only reason why Casey and I get to monopolize the estuary and this flock of unfazed regulars this late in the day. So let's not rush the next equinox and enjoy this it while we can.


  1. Agreed - it's a treat (when the weather is good) Getting dark and 11 ish here!

    1. Wow...Don't you love it?! Btw, Craig. Victoria and I are looking into a trip to Wales and Scotland next year. Your blog sure tweaks our interest. Maybe we can have coffee (or cup o' tea) with you and Clive on our way through. Gene