Friday, February 10, 2017

Memorial Support for WHS

Casey has so touched the lives of friends and family, as well readers of Casey's Worlds it's no surprise at all that Victoria and I have been asked if there is anywhere they can send a donation to his memory.

As monthly sustainers of the Whatcom Humane Society, caring and rescuing animals since 1902, we have already set up a file with the WHS staff to handle such commemorative contributions.

Donations can be made online  or mailed to the Whatcom Humane Society,  2172 Division Street, Bellingham, WA  98226. Be sure to specify that your gift or donation be made "To the Memory of Casey McLaren Marx" (or just "Casey"...they'll know who you mean).


  1. I'm so very saddened to learn of Casey's passing. I always thought of him as a kind of virtual brother to Callie. Our thoughts are with you. Thanks for sharing a part of your lives with us.

  2. Walt, thanks so much for thinking of us and our boy. It's been a tough week, but the sweetest memories are getting Victoria and I through the really rough spots. Casey left us so suddenly, it was devastating (see the Feb 3 post). Please give Callie a hug and head rub for us. Like Casey, she's so special to so many of us.