Thursday, February 9, 2017

Moving sentiment from "across the pond"

Today, in a Facebook chat from London, a good friend indicated that she had just heard about Casey.  I'm certain she wouldn't mind me sharing it. 

Gene, I've only just found out that beautiful Casey has gone. I'm so, so sorry. I've been there as others have. My dad still has a tuft of our lovely Sky's fur in a gold box. I miss her still and the 17 years of joy, mischief and love she gave us. She looked like a black version of Casey. The pain is deep I know. I read your blog; heartbreaking. I'm reminded of the poem Byron inscribed on the tomb of his beloved dog, it's in the book I gave you. The last two lines say it all: 'to mark a friend's remains these stones arise, I never knew but one - and here he lies.'  Sky sometimes comes to me in my dreams. My personal belief is I'll see her again, but whatever yours is, Casey's love will always be with you. Big hug from across the pond xxxxxx

Alison, lovely, lovely. Hard to read such beautiful sentiment without tearing up. I believe that Sky and Casey are swirling around together in the multiverse somewhere, and their spectres will never leave us. Nor would I want them to. Thanks so much for the hug.

I like that idea Gene, we know energy never dies so theirs is still in form somewhere and their love is still very much alive. Eternal hug xxxx

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