Monday, November 21, 2011

Snowfall flirtation

It sure seemed like snow today.  You could almost taste it, and the paths and leaves crunched with patches of ice.

With warm El Nino moisture moving into the state, it looks like it was the last chance at the white stuff until sometime after Thanksgiving.

It will also the last opportunity Casey will be able to roam the interurban for a while without getting sloppy.
Of course he could care less.


  1. Casey has such a cool life. Richard and I were on the Interurban this weekend too. We walked it to Teddy Bear Cove where it was unreasonably beautiful. Even city boy Richard was taken aback. Does it ever amaze you how few people are really on the trails?


  2. I know what you mean, Felice. Casey doesn't mind a bit though. We go out there at least 3 times a week.