Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve take-out tradition

OK. It’s Thanksgiving Eve and another family tradition is in full swing – take-out family-sized pizza and beer (or red wine)…or whatever. With a day of catering to family and dinner prep ahead of us tomorrow, it’s a no fuss option, and no one's going to mind chowing down on a Rudy’s extra-large half vegi, half pepperoni pizza.

Tonight’s seasonal brew is Full Sail Wassail Ale out of Hood River, Oregon. This year’s batch rates way better than last year’s with just the right mix of malts and hops. The color, aroma and head should appeal to IPA snobs and ale lovers alike - an excellent option to Jubelale, our favorite so far this season.

Something tells me it's not the caramel malts, but the pepperoni
that got Casey's attention.

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