Friday, November 9, 2012

"A goat from the front..."

On a walk downhill to our espresso stand, we paused to get photos of the closest thing to a farm the southside can claim. A year ago, not so much. Then it was a tiny house, needing a lot of work, on an oversized yard. Now, right here in the middle of a residential block, is a mini working animal farm - stocked with a half dozen goats, guinea pigs, ducks and geese, hens and roosters. Not your average renovation, but looking entirely "up to code" and sustainable.

We didn't hang around, but before moving on, the livestock seemed to be just as fascinated by us as we were of them while we stood and gawked. One goat in particular latching on to Casey, acting like this could have been the beginning of a beautiful frendship...after some cautious sniffs.



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