Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A flexitarian's guilty pleasure

On our return via the North Cascades Highway, after our sojourn to Methow Valley’s Freestone Inn, we were lucky to have perfectly timed a lunch stop at Marblemount’s Buffalo RunRestaurant

A quick look at the lunch specials was a dead giveaway to what we could expect at this landmark dining establishment, where most of the specialties consisted of entrees prepared from the meat of almost any wild animal with a face. Buffalo, antelope, ostrich, venison, elk, kangaroo. You name it; BR will make a burger out of it.

If this wasn’t unique enough, the restaurant’s atrium, viewable from the dining room, contained virtually swarms of hummingbirds, flitting around feeders and bushes...an amazing visual to accompany our annual buffalo burger with fries and coffee.

And I’m sure it wasn’t the first time our waitress had heard it, but I couldn’t help telling her that we sure hoped hummingbird burgers weren’t going to be a new menu item the next time we were in town. (Can you imagine how many you'd have to catch?! Sorry.)

Buffalo burger with sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese, with fries and coffee



  1. Mmmm the food looks excellent. I love and miss humminbirds. I didn't realize until we returned to Europe to live that they were exclusive to the America's. Dammit!

  2. Hey...well, there's one reason not to leave the USA.