Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lucky link

Not exactly a serendipity sighting, but a glimpse of an out of place lump on a manicured lawn during an evening walk became a link in a chain of events that resulted in a much needed, though totally unexpected happy ending. 

After a close up and personal inspection we found a trembling Stellar Jay chick, seemingly uninjured and wishing his complaining parent across the street would do something.

It seemed like the best option would be to let its frustrated mom figure it out, so we moved the youngster under a nearby shrub, out of the plain site of predators. Then, after letting a neighbor know what we were up to, we moved on, hoping for the best.

Well, the chick’s mom couldn’t coax the kid airborne, so a call was made to the local Wildlife Rehab center which recommended that the chick be admitted. And by the next morning we got great news, that, in spite of the odds, our little critter was doing nicely, up and squawking for food with other feathered foundlings. We needed that. 

With any luck at all, our rescue project should be up and annoying the neighborhood crows in no time. 

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  1. I'm pleased to hear of the happy ending. Well done guys!