Friday, November 5, 2010

Pedicure reunion

Several times a year we head out to Hyline Hotel, the training facility where our guy learned there was a lot less to be afraid of than he was first led to believe back on the farm. Under owner and trainer Kathi Seaman’s capable guidance in 2008 our 7-month-old rescue learned the basics of socialization and eventually felt comfortable enough around other dogs to tackle obedience, rally, and agility training. He literally got his life back.

Casey still has a benign approach-avoidance thing going for Hyline, having been surprised by an overnight stay on occasion. So our homebody can seem a little antsy at first whenever we visit, either for grooming or hanging around the agility field.

Today, like clockwork, the drizzle-soaked agility field is exactly where he wanted to head after Melissa Wiltse worked her magic with trimmers, scissors, comb, and nail grinder.

And in practically no time at all, our nervous Border Collie pedicure client was off the grooming table, looking pretty sharp, and back sniffing around his old “alma mater” in short order.

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