Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rustic red oak hardwood flooring installation - Day 2

Today, by our second cup of coffee, the first plank of our new flooring was laid. From the first nail until the end of the day Stella was nowhere to be found, with Casey oblivious to the noise.

David and Dan Gallant of Gallant Design and Construction, our favorite Progressive contractors, knocked out the living room and part of the sunroom today, sound suppression padding included. 

Man, they do good work and didn't seem any worse for the wear when they left. We would have needed traction and heavy anti-inflammatories by days end.

Our big contribution to this effort tomorrow is to go on a quest for the perfect trim molding. Hey, we can handle that. And from the looks of things - two more days to completion and Stella keeping a low profile until then.


Casey seems to have adjusted nicely.


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