Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small price to pay

After getting a clean bill of health from pet opthomologist Dr. Terri McCalla this month after a bout with pannus almost a year ago, Casey still has to put up with a daily application in each eye of a topical ointment called tacrolimus.

It's become a morning ritual, protecting our guy from possible dry eye irritation.

You'd think after a year that Casey would let us know that enough is enough, but he's still a good sport about it.

The show he puts on between each application is just a crackup - smiling, shaking hands, sitting up. He pulls out all the stops.

And we know Casey'd rather be doing anything else, but he lets us get away with this every single day. A small price to pay really for saving his eyesight and maybe he knows. He is a smart guy after all. 

Or maybe he's just a good boy.