Sunday, December 25, 2011

Blustery Christmas morning

Waking up this morning was a far cry from last year, windy and rainy, downright blustery, nothing like the Currier and Ives setting of 2010. Casey didn’t seem near as perplexed as Stella, who’s been zoning in on every tumbling twig and shaking branch since we began stirring this morning.

But you know what, it’s still Christmas.

And however you celebrate this occasion, Casey and family wish everyone – and especially Border Collie lovers – the best of the spirit of this season and a peaceful holiday.

Christmas morning from 22,000 feet

Merry Christmas!   

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  1. I'm cold! I'm already in love with Casey and Stella. And I laughed out loud when I heard the comment "I'm winding the hand-cranked radio." Probably not a bad idea no matter where you live, but we always made sure to have one on hand for those winters in Connecticut (oh, and those earthquake zones in sunny Southern California, come to think of it).