Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birthday pawsin'

December 7th might conjure up a remembrance of a different sort to most American families, but to us it’s simply Casey’s special day, his birthday – and this year, it’s the big number 4.

Like most days our guy is the center of attention, but today, well, we took a trip down to Fairhaven and his favorite shop Paws Awhile. How cool is that.

This Whatcom Humane Society consignment store just happens to be our guy’s preferred stopover, and it is more than obvious that it’s because of the free doggie handouts. The ear rubs and compliments dished out by the volunteer staff are great, but that treat bowl by the entrance…now that’s a nice touch no matter whose birthday it is.

And on a special occasion like today Casey might even get away with a second helping. OK, go ahead, birthday boy.

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