Friday, December 16, 2011

Goodbye, Rose

Rose of Bedlam Farm

We couldn’t let this week pass without focussing attention on the passing last weekend of one of our favorite dogs, Rose of Bedlam Farms (see Dec 6th post).  We've followed, chapter by chapter, author Jon Katz and The Dogs of Bedlam Farm for years. Of course the hooks for us were his Border Collies, Rose being the class act of that lot. She was special in the ways a reader can identify with a protagonist in a novel, but even more so.  Rosie always reminded us of Molly, our first Border Collie, not so much in appearance, but temperament.

Victoria and Molly (2000)

Like Rosie, Molly always set the agenda and was never one to show any interest in a hug or an ear rub. ..unlike our love junkie, Casey.  But just like Casey, in virtually every interaction, Rosie and Molly spoke volumes with their eyes, clear down to their souls.

I’ve been following Jon Katz’ journal this week as he has been reminiscing and celebrating Rosie’s life.  One particular entry resonates:

My life is about moving forward and I will surely grieve for Rose, but I will move forward to. There is a lot of life around here, and a lot of love, and I will be on that train. Grief is not the absence of life. It is an affirmation of it.


Yeah, but it’s still hard.  And we’ll miss you Rose.

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