Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Molly 1995-2008

It seems so long ago now but actually just three years since we lost our first Border Collie, Molly, to cancer. She was the youngest of Casey's three distant Border Collie cousins, which included our friend Marsha's girls, Megs and Katie. This trio set the standard for Casey, who's doing just fine on his own, setting his own personal bests.

Marsha and Victoria with Megs, Katie, and Molly in 1995

You never totally get over the loss of a girl like Molly. Like Casey, she was incredibly smart, but so different in temperament - her alpha to his beta. 

They were also different in so many other ways. Molly was tireless to a fault, and a curfew or time limit had to be enforced for her own good, whether it was imposed on Frisbee, chasing balls, or herding, it had to be done. Casey on the other hand is not as Type A and more than willing to head for home after a hike or a jog - just doesn't need to be an all-star.

Molly was willing to be hugged, on her terms. Casey still can never get enough, nudging for ear rubs all day long.

Molly would never take a treat unless she earned it with a trick. Casey’s not nearly as particular.

While Frisbee catching is Casey’s forte, Molly had no equal when it came to snatching any type of ball out of the air under any conditions.

Molly always set the agenda, had her way with us, and left us far too soon.

Miss ya, Molly girl.
Victoria and Molly, 2000


  1. She was lovely - I'm sorry that you lost her. But how lucky you are to have Casey!

  2. Good memories...Miss them all...glad to have Casey with us though!