Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One more little thing that mattered

I didn't know until later, when after a couple of failed attempts to photograph an elusive late afternoon humming bird forager, I stayed focussed on a Lucifer bloom just long enough to get a shot.

A natural law: As soon as you set your camera down, power it off, or leave it in the house, humming birds will show up, and bring friends.

I hoped today would be different, even when Casey scared the first pair away by barking.

And today patience finally did pay off.  Instead of more failed attempts...voila!  There it was - a calliope hummingbird.  Not an award winning shot, more like usable evidence.

Sometimes it really is just the little things that count. And if they're pleasant surprises, all the better.

1 comment:

  1. They are almost impossible to capture, so you did really well.
    I miss hummingbirds. I didn't realize until we moved back to Europe that they don't exist over here - they are unique to the left side of the pond.