Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cool and classic

**Posting again after three days away from the keyboard with a back injury.
Thank you, Flexeril and Vicodin.

We almost beat a down pour and made it out the front door today when we noticed that Cool Hand Luke was on TV. An afternoon matinee airing of a classic Paul Newman flick seemed like enough of an excuse to hang around the house. Besides it was raining, OK.

Who could blame us?

This classic film from 1967 ranks in at least our Top Ten, with such great characters, anti-heros and quotes that multiple viewings are a must.

At least we give in to viewing it over and over again whenever it airs. Newman's Luke Jackson, George Kenedy's Dragline, a role that earned him an Oscar, and Strother Martin as Captain, all memorable roles.

It simply couldn't be helped again, and besides the rain will let up soon enough. If we're lucky though not before Luke is driven to the prison hospital.

Don't worry, if you haven't seen it, we didn't give anything away. Now check out Paul Newman's rendition of "Plastic Jesus", complete with bango.

God! - or "Old Man" as he/she was referred to in the film - Newman was good.


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  1. Yes, very good film. Sorry to hear about the back. Feel better soon.