Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bring Bellingham's War Dollars Home

Our favorite non-profit peace activist group, Bellingham's Veterans For Peace Chapter is in the middle of a campaign to encourage the City Council to pass a non-binding resolution, basically a sense of the city, to urge President Obama and the US Congress to Bring Our War Dollars Home. The price tag for the county (above, with Casey's pop on the far left) is displayed each week by VFP members at major intersections around the city for commuter traffic.

The total cost of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars paid or by local tax payers since 2001 is nearly $714 million, and VFP wants to end that cash flow and redirect it to a more sustainable future. These campaigns are cropping up all over the US.

The official PRs will go out next week, but you can take a look at the petition and resolution through the link below.Check it out.

Pass Resolution: Urge President Obama and Congress to Bring Our War Dollars Home | Online Petition

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