Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meadow maze

From now until late August the most dominant vegetation in the greenbelts of the ridge is the wild grass. Our interlocking trails are overrun now with a variety that averages seven feet in places, thick enough to obscure the hardiest and energetic of Border Collies that venture off trail and into its cover.

A week and a half ago a stalk lashed out at my face during a hike on a windy day, resulting in a trip to the emergency room after I came home looking like Rocky Balboa, left eye swollen and inflamed. No torn cornea, but it took three days for the swelling and inflamation to go down.

So I've got a healthy respect for tall grass now, and the kid doesn't seem to mind getting lost in it - always coming out the other side, somewhere. It's still remarkable that in a month or so these meadow quills will be knee-high before the first leaves fall.

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