Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lunch and playing catch up

When FAA friends of nearly 40 years like Bob and Frankie Andrews of Reno, Nevada,  are close by and want to get together for the afternoon, you drop everything and meetup. We suggested lunch in LaConner and just hanging out for the afternoon. Afterwards, browsing shops of every stripe - consignment, antique, fabric and specialty and more - ate up an entire afternoon in no time at all.

A Border Collie we know, anxious to get out of the car and tag along, was more than willing to eventually take a break at an outdoor cafe. Keeping pace with Victoria and Frankie was a workout Casey hadn't figured on.

A sit-down with pale ales and iced espressos at Seeds - in the shade - was a welcome timeout, but not nearly enough time to reminisce. Next time, a longer visit - a familiar promise - and sooner rather than later.        

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