Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Squeezing a week into a weekend

After a long, fun-filled weekend with Scott and Vickie, our four-legged reject kids spent most of this evening refueling with power naps. In Stella's case, coming out of a self-imposed exile and reclaiming her rocking chair by the fire place.

We did cover a lot of ground, with the weather holding out for most of the weekend - mostly clear skies and crisp, fall temperatures...perfect. And now, with our exhausted guests recovering in San Diego, our relentless, overdue rainshowers are coming down in buckets.

Non-stop carousing and hiking from Fairhaven to Bow, from from Downtown to Boulevard Park, allowed for guilt-free (?) chowing down at some of our favorite haunts like The Rhododendron Cafe - The Rhody - and Old Town.

Scott doing serious paella

We even made time for Boundary Bay and  Colophon. So much to see, eat and drink - so little time. Hurry back, you guys.

And please don't tell anyone about the clear skies. 

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