Friday, October 22, 2010

So long, Indian Summer

With at least 10 days ahead of forecasted temperatures in the low to mid fifties and likely showers, our Bellingham Indian Summer, at least our first of the year, is so over.

It's still debatable when and even if this weather phenomenom occurs around here, but our last warm spell is history. Frisbee tosses in the rain, with front door towel wipe downs, will become a daily necessary evil - at least as far as Casey is concerned. 

According to weather historian Bill Deedler, there are several theories or possibilities of the explanation and origin of the term "Indian Summer", yet no one theory has actually been proven.

All in all, even with the variety of opinions on this weather (or seasonal) phenomenon, "the most popular belief of Indian Summer is as follows: It is an abnormally warm and dry weather period, varying in length, that comes in the autumn time of the year, usually in October or November, and only after the first killing frost or freeze. There may be several occurrences of Indian Summer in a fall season or none at all." Whatever...we'll be hoping for a thaw in November, and in the meantime, photos like these might slow down the out-of-state migration.

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