Sunday, October 10, 2010

Treatment breakthrough

No one said it was it was going to be easy, and for good reason.

After 20 plus treatments, 40 if we count both eyes, we didn't have a clue how to make the application of eye drops and a topical ointment less stressful for Case, or for us. The problem, he tries to fend us off and has this knack for making his big brown eyes totally inaccessible - his eyes lids as tight as a spring clamps. For almost 2 weeks now, limiting the impulsive movement of a 53 pound Border Collie seemed daunting, and applying the medication that would save his sight was becoming as traumatic for the care givers as it was to the patient.

Today though, thanks to a suggestion from Cousin Scott, we discovered a canine constraint position that actually worked for Casey, resulting in his chilling out long enough for us to deliver the goods to his cornea before we had to call 911 for ourselves.

It goes like this:
1. Take up a comfortable sitting position on the floor against wall or couch (avoiding an anterior cruciate ligament tear of your own in the process),

2. Coax your tense collie into a sitting position between your legs (averting a long-term injury to your own private parts by fidgety hind paws),

3. Sweet-talk your apprehensive patient while gently grasping his muzzle with your left hand and both paws with your right (it's simpler than it sounds if you outweigh collie by 150 pounds), 

Doesn't he look relaxed?

4. Elevate muzzle long enough for drops or ointment to be applied to each eye by your able assistant Vic (hoping she has a steady hand for 5 more seconds), and finally,

5. Heap praises on your relieved collie, provide a doggie treat, and pour yourself a glass of wine. You deserve it.


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