Friday, October 8, 2010

Woodland social hour

With a break in the forecasted weekend rain, wetness by the way that can be blamed on our San Diego family's 4-day visit to Bellingham, we joined the afternoon migration to the interurban trail.

"Cuz" Scott and Vickie were anxious to get out and "power walk" somewhere scenic, and obviously we didn't have to go far. The Whatcom Falls trail is like a good restaurant that you recommend to friends over and over again and never fails to satisfy.

Today was no exception, and considering the weather held up long enough for us to even shed our jackets, it was a good call.


After an hour or so Casey seemed to have gotten the most out the excursion with an overload of socialization, honing his communication skills - and at times his olfactory prowess - with canine contacts that seemed to show up around every bend in the beaten track.
Charlie the dachsund and Bailey the miniature Aussie were pleasant surprises and Casey sensed absolutely no threat from either of them.  

Casey's "distant cousin" Samson, a year-old Border Collie, was also given the once over and passed with flying colors.

The kid's come a long way from the days we had to carry him home from walks after he caught sight of another dog, or God forbid, a skateboarder.

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