Sunday, October 3, 2010

Before and after birthday wishes

Today was a big day for Vic, a birthday celebration and a visit from the progeny - all three grandkids and most of the parents (number one son/papa was home with a bug). Needless to say the pace was hectic, actually hyperactive, fueled on pizza, cake and ice cream.

Vic and the Future

In spite of the frenetics, Casey hung around for a loose hand out...but Stella Cat, color her gone.

From the looks of things you'd think he got a hold of some chocolate after this spontaneous Air Jordan, or he was just trying to stay out of reach.

We've got to hand it to Case though, after coping with 'Preschool Nation' or vying for his share of attention all afternoon and evening, he held up well and was on his best behavior - except for just that one gymnastic lapse.

It was funny though.

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  1. good thing I was chasing the grandkids around....I never would have allowed him on our furniture....bad doggie! Vic