Friday, January 7, 2011

Best burger joint in town

Veggie mushroom burger (l) and wild salmon burger, with yam and French fries

Sometimes you just feel like a burger. Well, OK, maybe not a burger - we haven't gone the red meat route for years and years. But Fiamma's, in downtown Bellingham, serves up the absolute best alternative sandwiches to non-carnivores in town.

Home-baked egg buns, organic produce, 100% natural beef, turkey and bison, with a choice of yam or French fries, are regular menu items.

The only down-side to the veggie mushroom and wild salmon burgers we had tonight is that they were too juicey to be savored. They were history in just a few bites. With secret sauce and juices running down our wrists, they had to be devoured. 

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