Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trout feed

What a lucky break today. On the way to our first Whatcom Falls Park trail hike in a while, we noticed a feeding going on at the park fish hatchery.

Thousands of rainbow trout being catered to in front of onlookers, including
Case and I.

Each main pond contained over 10,000 one-year-old rainbows breaching and jonesin' for feed, provided by a B.C. company, Ewos Feed from Surrey.

This hungry feedfest will be released to streams and lakes in April and ought to be about 3/4 pound each by that time. Today they weigh in at about 3 to a pound.

The last pond we came upon contained 500 3 to 4 pound rainbow brooding trout. This bunch has it made, just protected and fed to reproduce year after year. In some genus circles, not a bad gig.

Casey was understandably not quite as impressed as the rest of us, knowing a walk in the woods was just around the corner.


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