Sunday, January 2, 2011

High on a hill

630 foot Sehome Hill on the Western Washington University campus was nearly deserted today, so the Douglas Fir Trail, part of over 5 miles of hiking on the Sehome Arboretum complex, was where we spent most of a crisp, clear Sunday afternoon. 

Occasionally my hiking partner would venture out of sight and all I would have to do was look up or out to the nearest ledge, and there he was. I usually just hold my breath as he backtracks to the trail. 

Surprisingly, Casey seems to have little or no fear of heights - now, kids on skateboards, that's a different story.

On hiking trails, on or off leash, he's in his element. Soon we'll be checking out an 80 foot tower on the crest that apparently has a great view of Bellingham Bay. 

And up there, you'd better believe Casey will be on a leash.

Sehome Hill at sunset

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  1. Your pictures are really making me want to get out and go hiking and get some fresh air! Lovely!